About this web site:

If you have reached this page from one other site may you want know that the site you've visited even if is a personal and absolutely independent web site, is also a part of a project.

This web site provide a simple archive with macro categories management. Photos are collected in groups or works (call it as you prefer). A simple biographic and news page is editable by a secure access area as other section of this web site. Of course. Pictures can be uploaded directly by a simple form field accessible in administration pages.

Graphic design is plain as much as possible to put attention just in photos, only in photos. Hard work was leave stuff and clean as much as possible the graphic as same as the code, to provide a simple, clear, quick system to show photographic works.

PHP, MySQL and Java are the languages used to make this web site hosted in a Linux based web server.

W3C validation is one of my goals, so CSS and RSS feed are already validates, HTML not just for gallery page but I'm working in.......

CSS Valid! Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Valid RSS

This web site is tested with all major browsers, everything work well, just some problem in Explorer (all version).

You are photographer and you are interested? Contact me

MediaNet project :

I've a little dream, and this dream is the independence of photographers.

When photographers friend of mine start to be interested on My web site, my dream start to be concrete. I thing an automated system to share professionally photos and other media, I dream a search engine for media an not just another agency.

All photographers professionals and not have to be in condition to promote and sell if they want, their works independently with a simple and low cost web based system.

We are working in this project and may, sooner or later it will be reality!!

Stay tuned!